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Contest Prep is a 20 week program that is aimed at the serious athlete who wants to train hard and enjoys the process of truly one-on-one coaching with daily support, monthly Skype calls, video feedback and education. Programs are tailor made to meet the goals of the athlete and address their specific physique needs and lifting abilities. Care is given to help each client improve their form and technique in the gym through video correction and instruction, and all Tulum Strength Club athletes are encouraged to become skilled lifters. Programs generally use traditional compound lifts like squat variations and deadlifts, functional movements like pistol squats and Turkish get-ups, as well as drawing heavily upon various bodybuilding methodologies to help grow lean muscle fast. For athletes that work with us year round, we provide phasic programming to potentiate the maximum amount of gains and keep the athlete mentally fresh and injury-free.

Our nutritional approach is macro-based, flexible dieting. We follow our athletes closely throughout prep to adjust their nutrition as needed, making sure they are getting a good variety of foods in their diets. We use the app Mymacros+ so that athletes can plan out their macros and get feedback from us if they need to make changes to get the most optimal results during their prep. The goal is always to achieve the best possible conditioning while maintaining the best hormonal health.

A 20-week prep is $2000 usd. If you are more than 6% body-fat from projected stage body composition your prep will need to be longer. The cost is an additional $400 usd per month. To apply there is an application process of $100 usd, which includes a 30 minutes skype interview.

If you are interested in applying for coaching, please contact us at: