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Meet Grant Alyea

Grant Alyea is a natural IFBB Pro Physique athlete, a Sport’s Chiropractor, a Magnum Pro athlete and long-time Tulum Strength Club athlete and Coach under star Magnum Pro athlete Jean-Jacques Barrett.

Tulum Strength Club Coach Grant Alyea
Tulum Strength Club Coach Grant Alyea working out

Grant’s Experience

Grant started his athletic career at the young age of 9 as an internationally ranked track and cross-country runner breaking the North American record for 1500 meters. He also competed in swimming, boxing, soccer, baseball, basketball and triathlons as a youth.

He began bodybuilding in 1995, competing for the first time in 2017. He won the CPA Ottawa Regionals overall natural physique title and has been competing ever since. He is currently the Canadian Men’s Physique Natural National Champion and an IFBB Pro athlete.

Grant’s achievements include:

  • 2017 CPA Ottawa Regionals Open Natural Physique Champion
  • 2017 CPA Ottawa Regionals Master’s Natural Physique Overall Champion
  • 2017 CPA Ontario Natural Physique Open Tall Champion
  • 2017 CPA Ontario Physique Master’s Natural Overall Champion
  • 2018 CPA Canadian Natural Physique Master’s Overall Champion
  • 2018 CPA Natural Physique Open 6th place
  • IFBB Pro Athlete
  • Junior 82kg Powerlifting total of 1325lbs
  • Canadian U11 cross-country and 800m/1500 champion
  • Former N. American U11 1500m record holder
Tulum Strength Club Coach Grant Alyea modeling
Tulum Strength Club Coach Grant Alyea

Grant completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Queen’s University then a 4 year Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine. He specializes in sports injury, Biophysics and athlete care. He also interned at Tulum Strength Club, under the mentorship of world renowned athlete, Coach and TSC co-founder, Jean-Jacques Barrett and is a highly sought after Physique and Transformation Coach.

Through his Sport’s Chiropractic career and TSC internship, Grant was constantly exposed to the best training methodologies and practical application of exercise, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery. He continues to upgrade his knowledge base with the most current information through continuing education courses and seminars.

This experience as a health care practitioner, natural Pro athlete and coaching intern has given him the tools to be highly successful at coaching both men and women of all backgrounds and ages to achieve competition titles and transformation and health goals.

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