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“Our team at Tulum Strength Club works with clients who do not wish to compete, but still want professional elite coaching.

Coach Grant and Coach Albert work with both men and women who are looking for an incredible physique transformation based on natural methods of training and nutrition.

Similar to the athlete’s program, lifestyle clients are encouraged to pick a goal like a photoshoot or a trip down south, and programming should cover a 3 months span for long lasting results.

Training programs are always tailor made to the client’s lifting abilities and experience in the gym, fitness level, lifestyle parameters, and goals. We are using the ever evolving True Coach Training application.

Programs are laid out for you on a daily basis and it is a fantastic way for you and us to track your progress in real time. Also this is the app we will use to analyze progress as you will be able to download your Progress Photos, measurements and upload your Weekly Detailed Check Ins.

Similarly nutrition is tailored to the individual’s physiology. It is also macro-based, allowing the client great flexibility to make their own meal choices. Support and guidance is given via Zoom coaching calls, follow-up on the Mymacros+ app, video form feedback, messaging, and participation on the private Tulum Strength Club forum.

Pricing is $400 USD per month, with a minimum 3 months commitment. There is an extended Pre Screen Application Process of $100 USD to make certain that the “Coach/Client” relationship is a good fit and that the client understands the expectations in regard of this fantastic transformation program.

If you are interested in applying for coaching, please contact us at: