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Contest Prep

Contest Prep is a 20 week program that is aimed at the serious athlete who wants to train hard and enjoys the process of truly one-on-one coaching with daily support, monthly skype calls, video feedback and education.  Programs are tailor made to meet the goals of the athlete and address their specific physique needs and lifting abilities. Care is given to help each client improve their form and technique in the gym through video correction and instruction, and all Tulum Strength Club athletes are encouraged to become skilled lifters.


Our powerlifting program is 1-on-1 based, using individualized periodization.  Each athlete submits training videos daily via Whatsapp for analysis, and will learn to evaluate their own lifts and understand how to monitor rate of perceived exertion.   Each program will be structured to correct technique, build up joint integrity, movement mechanics and prevent injury. A large part of our powerlifting programming is providing real nutritional support to help maximize lean muscle mass to either drop down a weight class, or max out at an existing weight class.

Lifestyle Transformation

Both Michelle and Jean-Jacques work with clients who do not wish to compete, but still want professional coaching.

Jean-Jacques works with both men and women who are looking for an incredible physique transformation based on natural methods of training and nutrition.

Similar to the athlete’s program, lifestyle clients are encouraged to pick a goal like a photoshoot or a trip down south, and programming should cover a 6 months span for long lasting results.

30 minutes /$75 usd
60 minutes /$125 usd

Existing clients receive a 25% discount. * Prices do not include a 16% IVA tax

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