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Offseason Bodybuilding

Building programs are available at USD 500 per 4 weeks, which includes a macro-based meal plan, recipe ideas and meal suggestions, contact via email, WhatsApp and True Coach, and membership to a private forum, as well as discounts on annual retreats and immersions. These programs are available as a monthly renewal with a minimum commitment of 16 weeks.

To work with Michelle MacDonald, the cost is USD 1000 per month for a three-month commitment.

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We have Natural Pro Athletes in various federations such as WBFF, IFBB, SAF, Musclemania and IDFA cumulating over 100 Pro Cards and 6 World Championships and the Off Season serves as maximizing the gain in muscle tissue, while minimizing fat gain and upping your metabolic rate. All these combined are key to situate athletes into a winning position before starting a next contest prep. Whether in a reverse diet position or in the midst of your Off Season, our Off Season Building Program is for you.

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Monthly phone consultation of a 100USD if needed are available.

Prospective athletes need to have a specific goal in mind and the desire to master flexible dieting, macro-based nutrition planning, and power-lifting protocols for lean muscle-gains. Videos of training exercises and food accountability projects are part of the process. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you are interested in applying for coaching, please contact us

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