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Our powerlifting program is 1-on-1 based, using individualized periodization. Each athlete submits training videos daily via Whatsapp for analysis, and will learn to evaluate their own lifts and understand how to monitor rate of perceived exertion. Each program will be structured to correct technique, build up joint integrity, movement mechanics and prevent injury.

Tulum Strength Club powerlifting
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Tulum Strength Club  powerlifting

A large part of our powerlifting programming is providing real nutritional support to help maximize lean muscle mass to either drop down a weight class, or max out at an existing weight class. Our concern is for the wellbeing and long-term success of our athletes, and we encourage you to visit us at our training center in Tulum, Mexico, for 1-week intensives.

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A 20-week competition prep is $2000 usd and includes fully individualized programming, nutrition as well as text and audio support used via the True Coach Application. Outside of competition, the cost is $400 usd/4 weeks and includes text and audio support.

Minimum packages are a 16 weeks block.

To apply there is an application process of $100 usd, which includes a 40 minutes skype interview.

If you are interested in applying for coaching, please contact us

Tulum Strength Club powerlifting
Tulum Strength Club powerlifting background

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