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Contest Prep

We are always interested in working with a serious athlete who wants to train hard and enjoys the process of truly one-on-one coaching with daily support via the True Coach Application, video homework, and reading assignments. We have Natural Pro Athletes in various federations such as The WBFF, IFBB, SAF, Musclemania and IDFA cumulating over 100 Pro Cards and 6 World Championships.

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Contest prep plans are designed to maximize the genetic potential of each of our athlete maximizing fat loss while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible. Programs generally use compound lifts like squat variations, deadlifts, military pressing and benching, and we draw upon various bodybuilding and strength protocols as well as heavy metabolic conditioning work. We use a macro-based approach to dieting, and we follow our athletes closely throughout their prep to adjust to their nutrition as needed, making sure they are getting a good variety of foods into their diets, and keeping them in the best hormonal shape as possible as they dial in for their show. Athletes need to learn to use the app: mymacros+ to plan out macros for each meal. Videos of exercises must be sent to me on a weekly basis via the app ‘true coach’ for form check and assessment.

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Preps are 20 weeks minimum, USD 2500: 16 weeks leading up to a show, and a mandatory 4 weeks of coaching post-show. The dial-in period will need longer if you have more than 10% body fat from the projected stage of body composition. The cost is an additional $500/4 weeks.

Working with Michelle MacDonald costs USD 1000 per month for a three-month commitment.

Preps are $100 for the application fee, which includes a 40-minute ZOOM interview, paid via PayPal.

Please note that TSC Coaches can go to shows with an appropriate number of athletes. Flight and hotel costs will be spread equally among the athletes present at that show.

If you are interested in applying for coaching, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

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